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Please read the 使用条款 carefully before using this site.


使用的材料: 本网站内的所有资料均受加拿大及其他国家版权法保护. 用户被授权仅为个人和非商业用途而查看和下载本网站上的材料的单一副本. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, 禁止反言或其他方式, any license or right to any intellectual property asset of bet9app下载. (“bet9app下载”), 它的子公司, 子公司, 继承人和受让人, including 但不限于 any rights regarding 专利, 商标, 服务商标, 贸易名称 or copyrights. Any unauthorized downloading, 传输, 出版, 显示, 公开演出, 广播或任何其他复制或修改本网站所包含的材料可能违反适用的法律,并可能导致法律诉讼. 除本网站明文规定外,本网站所载商标(包括但不限于“the Burnie Group”和“the Burnie Group”)归the Burnie Group Inc .所有. and refer to The Burnie Group. 因使用本商标而产生的任何权利均仅为本集团的利益所保证. 此处所提供的授权仅限于用于连接到The Burnie Group的万维网地址. No other use of the 商标 is authorized either expressly or by implication. 本授权书中所提供的授权书可在bet9app下载发出书面通知后自行撤销. Upon the receipt of such notice, the user shall immediately cease and desist from any further use of the 商标.

Disclaimer of warranties: The material contained in this Website or which may be downloaded from this Website, 包括超链接, are provided “as is” and “as available”. Such materials are 显示ed without warranty of any kind, 既表达了, implied or statutory including, 但不限于, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non- infringement of the intellectual property rights or any other third party rights, 不间断服务, or freedom from computer viruses and other harmful components. The Burnie Group shall not in any circumstances, regardless of whether advance notice is given of the possibility of damages, be liable to any person for any damages whatsoever, including 但不限于 any 特殊的, 偶然的, indirect or consequential damages resulting from use of, 或依赖, 这样的材料. 本网站所载资料在发布时均为准确及完整. Although every attempt is made to ensure that all material remains current and accurate, The Burnie Group does not warrant its 精度, completeness and currency at all times. 本集团有权自行决定对本网站所载资料作出更改,恕不另行通知. 提及第三方的任何产品或服务都不应被理解为一种认可或推荐.

Exclusion of liability: TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, 本集团明确排除对本网站用户造成任何损害的责任, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO INDIRECT, 特殊的, 偶然的, 模范, 因使用本网站而可能引致的惩罚性或相应的损害,不论本集团有否被告知该等损失或损害的可能性.

The Internet is not a fully secure communication medium, and therefore confidentiality and privacy cannot be ensured. The Burnie Group shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including 但不限于 indirect, 特殊的, 由于传送机密或个人信息而导致的附带或间接损失或损害,无论bet9app下载是否已被告知该等损失或损害的可能性.

Links to third party Websites: 的信息, content, 精度, opinions expressed on linked sites provided by this Website are not verified, 监控, endorsed or controlled by The Burnie Group. The Burnie Group is providing these links to you solely as a convenience. 包含任何第三方网站的链接并不意味着本网站得到bet9app下载的任何认可, or the products and services such site promotes, 销售和/或建议. 链接网站不受本集团控制,本集团对任何链接网站的content概不负责, any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates of such sites. 如果您决定访问任何与bet9app下载网站相连的第三方网站, you do so entirely at your own risk.

知识产权: 所有的版权, 商标, 贸易名称, 专利, 工业设计, and other intellectual property rights (‘IPR’) contained herein are, unless otherwise specified, the exclusive property of The Burnie Group. 此外, 的想法, concepts and/or their application, 在这项服务中可能保留并构成属于bet9app下载的知识产权的项目. 事实上, 我们明确提请注意国内法和国际bet9app下载版权的条约对这些信息和无形资产的保护, 专利, 商标, 和其他知识产权.

Idea submission and/or solicitation: In an attempt to reduce disputes regarding the unsolicited receipt of ideas, 和其他信息, The Burnie Group and its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including those relating to marketing, 新技术, product naming conventions and the like. bet9app下载不能保证收到的任何此类主动提出的想法和相关材料将被视为机密和/或专有的. 违反, 管辖法律和管辖权:如果发现上述服务的用户违反上述条款和条件,bet9app下载将寻求任何和所有可用的补救措施, by operation of law or otherwise. 本协议应根据加拿大联邦法律和安大略省法律解释和执行.

Please read the 隐私政策 carefully before using this site.


对隐私: 保护您的个人信息的安全和隐私,对于bet9app下载以及我们按照其运营国家有关隐私和数据保护的法律开展业务的方式都是非常重要的. 我们希望本隐私政策能帮助您了解The Burnie Group收集了哪些个人信息, how it is used and with whom it may be shared.

What Personally Identifiable Information Is Collected On This Website?

You may be prompted to supply personally identifiable information (such as name, email address and address) in order to subscribe to receive our email newsletter, receive other resource documents, request further information about our products and services, or simply ask a question about us. 除非您向本公司提供个人资料,否则本公司不会收集您的个人资料. 这意味着您可以访问我们的网站,而无需告知我们您是谁或透露任何个人身份信息. 然而, by providing this personal information to The Burnie Group, you acknowledge that you expressly consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information pursuant to this 隐私政策.

个人如何 信息使用?

When you supply information about yourself for a specific purpose, 我们仅将这些信息用于该目的(例如提供您所要求的服务或信息). 例如, you may be asked to give us individual information to receive information, subscribe to a company newsletter or apply for a job. 我们可能会储存您的个人信息和评论,以备将来使用和参考,以保存我们与您的关系的适当记录. Personal information provided by you may be used to communicate corporate news, product developments and updates. This may be conducted through electronic or postal mail-outs of a company newsletter, 电邮更新及优惠, or through news releases and/or other types of communication mediums.

Disclosure of Personal Information: bet9app下载可能会将您的任何个人信息与其公司关联公司或外部供应商共享, but only to fulfill the purposes of use as described above. The Burnie Group will not sell or provide your personal information to any other party, 除非您向我们提供明确的许可,或除非我们被法律所强迫,或我们出于善意相信该等行动是符合法律或在the Burnie Group服务的法律程序所必需的.

安全: 个人身份信息存储在防火墙之后,不能公开访问.

选择/退出: 如果你订阅了我们的公司通讯或其他类型的通讯,然后改变了你的想法, you may contact us to have your name removed from our distribution lists at contact@www.angel-paradise.com.

正确/更新: 如果您想核实我们从您处收到的个人信息或对其进行更正, you may contact us directly at the email address provided above.

更多信息: If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email contact@www.angel-paradise.com.